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My NEET exam was successfully conducted on 4th January 2020. Login to view your performance analysis report. | 5000 students at Government schools in Karnataka successfully completed Marg Test | 5 ways how educational institutions can foster youth entrepreneurship


We focus on exam solutions,career counselling, assessment & rating.

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ERA Foundation

We at ERA Foundation operate with a larger objective of enabling holistic improvement of the education sector through consultation and cooperation with key stakeholders including policy makers, education institutions, corporate sector and the student community.

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What is My NEET?

India’s Only Real Mock Exam for NEET brought to you by expert teachers who set question papers for All India Entrance Exam.My NEET exam will be conducted in English in online mode at a REAL Test Centre.

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    Real Exam Centre Experience

    Most students find it difficult to perform in a real exam centre due to stress.

    We try to replicate the same experience starting from test centre section, invigilation, dress code etc.

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    Exam paper similaR to NEET

    The pattern and question sets will be similar to NEET Exam.

    The questions are set by Subject matter experts who have experience in setting questions for All India Entrance Exams.

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    Know your rank Among Real Competitors

    Your customized report will show section and topic wise performance, percentile, score etc compared to other real competitors accross India.

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    Personalized Test performance Report

    Your comprehensive test report will show the below;

    Your performance in each section

    Your subject wise performance compared to toppers and average performers.

    Explanation of why a specific answer is wrong or right

    Chapter wise performance analysis


Exam Solutions : Uni-GAUGE

We provide Reliable and Customized Exam Administration and Delivery Services through our exam platform.

Uni-GAUGE’ is a computer-aided assessment platform for admission to private & deemed universities in India. Uni-GAUGE simplifies the admission process by offering “One entrance exam; admission to many universities”

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Career Counselling :Marg

Marg is a career guidance test that is customized for the Indian Student. This test enables students and parents to shortlist a suitable career or course based on the child’s abilities and interest.

Our Test Program

For 9 & 10th Grade Students

Know more about the test module

How is this test different?

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    Customised for India

    We developed this test keeping in mind the Indian student.

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    We understand that a student might be more comfortable in attending the test in their mother tongue. Hence we give the students the option to attend the test in vernacular language.

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    We are a not for profit company. What we charge is minimal and affordable to the larger segment of Indian students in Rural areas and government schools.

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    Simplified Reports

    We have tried to keep our customized reports as simple as possible so that it is easy for a 9th Grade student to understand.

Institution Rating: QS.IGAUGE

QS I?GAUGE is a comprehensive and independent rating system for Indian colleges and universities. Consisting of seven primary indicators and five secondary indicators, ranging from Teaching and Learning, Employability and Social Responsibility to Research and Innovation, the QS I·GAUGE rating provides a unique 360-degree perspective of Indian institutions of higher learning.

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  • 5000 students at government schools in Karnataka successfully completed Marg Career Guidance Test. Know More

  • Marg-Career Guidance Program successfully launched on 23rd Aug 2019. Know More